Freedom CMA Debt Advice Centre

Freedom CMA Debt Advice Centre offers free, confidential budgeting and debt advice to help people escape from debt in the south Liverpool area.

No one is immune from problems with money or debt. We all need a helping hand at various times, irrespective of our circumstances. The impact of debt can be devastating- family relationships deteriorate and breakdown, people feel isolated and marginalised, they can suffer from stress, depression and ultimately despair, overwhelmed by a problem they think they can do nothing about.

About Freedom CMA

We’re part of the Community Money Advice network – a group of over 150 centres, running from local churches, staffed by Christian volunteers, trained up to a national standard of debt advice. You can expect honesty, care, commitment, and a holistic approach that looks after you as a whole person.

Our service differs from CAB and phone-based advice services – we will meet you face-to-face, and as we work together, we will keep working with you from that first appointment, right through until everything is sorted, no matter how long it takes. While you still want to get out of debt or get your money issues sorted, we’ll keep helping.

How We Help

There is so much we can help with! We offer free, confidential and independent help. We are developing a dedicated team, passionate about helping people sort out their money problems and get out of debt.

We offer:

  • General money advice
  • Drawing up a list of income and expenditure
  • Establish what finance is available, and help with prioritising expenditure
  • Arranging Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Bankruptcies and Debt Relief Orders
  • Providing support to respond to creditors or demands
  • Checking that the correct benefits are being received

Contact us

Contact us by phone, text or email to have a chat or to book an appointment.

Our advisors offer appointments in Frontline Church Centre, Lawrence Road, L15 3HA.

Our regular appointment times are Mondays 1-3pm or Fridays 10am-12pm.

Our friendly advisors are trained and experienced understanding that debt can be stressful and difficult.

Postal address: Freedom CMA Debt Advice Centre  |  PO Box 405  |  Lawrence Road  |   Liverpool  |  L15 9YW

Phone: 07449406339


Facebook: freedomcmaliverpool

Or get in touch with us by entering your details in the contact form below!

Freedom CMA Debt Advice is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Debt Counselling – No 12885795

Freedom CMA is part of Freedom Church Liverpool Registered Charity No. 1161463

Freedom Money Advice is affiliated to Community Money Advice.