Miscellaneous sermons

Here you can find a selection of “one-off” sermons from Freedom church’s preaching team which are not part of wider series.

Judah Cole visits Freedom Church from Open Well Church, and shares story after story of God's love breaking through into people's lives right here in Liverpool.
Chris Clifton-Brown delivers an Easter message, with the help of a new £5 note!


26th March 2017
John Pendray teaches delivers a seminar about praise - drawing on his experience as both a student and teacher at a worship school in Wisconsin, USA. With apologies for poor…
Matt Ashworth speaks to us about baptism, on a Sunday when three people publicly declared their faith in God by being baptised!
Chris Butland speaks on Ecclesiastes 3 - and examines how to stay close to God in a rollercoaster life.
Chris Clifton-Brown takes a deeper look at Psalm 23 and what it means for us today.
Barry Cooper - Chief Executive of Christian charity The Big Help Project - delivers a seminar looking at our Biblical call to serve the poor and how we as Christian…
Corrie Ten Boom once said, "Is prayer your steering wheel, or your spare tyre?". Chris Butland speaks on making prayer a priority in our lives, rather than a last resort.