Miscellaneous sermons

Here you can find a selection of “one-off” sermons from Freedom church’s preaching team which are not part of wider series.

On the occasion of our Child Celebration Service, Chris Butland shares a short gospel message.
Matt Ashworth brings an encouraging word around the gifts of the Holy Spirit and Paul's reminder that they need to be fanned into flame.
So Jesus has risen from the dead! What next?! Chris Butland explores life in the light of a resurrected Jesus.
Chris Clifton-Brown looks at the example of Godly parenting set by Amram and Jochebed - the parents of Moses.
Chris Clifton-Brown brings an important word about suffering and how God interacts with us when bad things happen.


19th November 2017
Matt Ashworth brings a a word on persecution - drawing on the call to prayer from Open Doors to pray for the persecuted church in November.
Pete Butland - brother of Chris, one of our leaders - visits us from West Derby Evangelical Church to share his experience of adopting and what it has taught him…
Rachael Lewis delivers an excellent seminar talking about her journey to a life which has looked quite different to what she had planned for herself. Her plan was to get…
  Have you ever fallen over? We all have - both physically and spiritually! The key is in our response. Do we stay down or get back up? Barry Cooper…


13th August 2017
Tim and Carys Anderson bring teaching and testimonies about healing, based on their experiences as part of the School of Supernatural Ministry in California.
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