Mark – Down to Earth Jesus

A series looking in detail at the Gospel of Mark.

Chris Clifton-Brown looks at the importance of the resurrection to the Christian faith.
Chris Clifton-Brown looks at the dramatic moment that Jesus died on the cross - focusing on the darkness which occurred as a result, and the significance of the temple curtain…
Chris Butland looks at the trials of Jesus before the Jewish and Roman courts.
Pete Calcraft takes a look at giving, via the story of the widow's offering. Why do we give? And how much should we give? The answers may not be what…
Chris Butland looks at the peculiar story of Jesus and the Fig Tree - and explains how it's much more than a story about a hangry man!
Rachael Lewis looks at three separate stories within Mark 11, as Jesus arrives in Jerusalem with a bang!
Chris Clifton-Brown continues our journey through Mark by looking at Jesus' famous interaction with a rich young man who was seeking to discover the key to eternal life.
Matt Ashworth looks at some of Jesus' teaching on marriage and divorce, and explains how God's covenant promises are nothing like the disposable contracts that society is obsessed with today.
Amanda Bennett looks at more of Jesus' amazing life, this time examining a passage where the disciples have met and stopped a man who was casting demons out in Jesus'…
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