Gospel Giving Living

The Gospel should completely change the way we live in a way that changes the world around us . If it doesn’t then we haven’t really “got” the Gospel!

As we come to understand what Jesus did for us: His sacrifice; His forgiveness; His grace; His generosity; our way of living should begin to change!

We should become marked by lives of giving!, where everything we do, every way we respond, gives others a taste of the Gospel he has given us!
Not necessarily overnight, but as we truly follow him, his example, his Word and Spirit. Every response, behaviour and action should start to take from the truth of the Gospel and give out to the world around us in a way that transforms situations.

This series looks at 5 key ways the Gospel truly grasped makes us givers, and the power this has to transform the world around us.

Matt Ashworth continues our Gospel Giving Living series by looking at reconciliation.
Chris Butland continues our Gospel Giving Living series looking at how we are to be people who not only receive the Holy Spirit inwardly, but who use His power to…
Chris Clifton-Brown looks at generous giving - not out of guilt or greed, but out of grace.
Matt Ashworth looks at the theme of grace, and how we are to bring the gift of grace we receive to the world around us.
Chris Butland looks at the power of forgiveness, and the challenge that Jesus brings through the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.
Matt Ashworth launches a new series with a look at thanksgiving, and how having our lives transformed by the Gospel should naturally result in an attitude of thankfulness, which can…