Glimpses of Jesus

Examining several Old Testament characters and looking at how they foreshadow and point to Jesus.

Chris Clifton-Brown completes our 6-part series looking at Old Testament characters who offer us glimpses of the Jesus. This time we look at Israel's most celebrated king - Kind David.
Guy Griffiths looks at the story of Gideon, and explains how it offers another Old Testament glimpse of Jesus!
Chris Butland continues the "Glimpses of Jesus" series, looking at the life of Joshua.
Matt Ashworth continues our series examining Old Testament characters and showing how they point forward to Jesus. This week, we look at Abraham.
Chris Clifton-Brown looks at the life of Moses, and how his story points forward to the life and death of Jesus.
Matt Ashworth kicks off a new sermon series, in which we look at some major Old Testament characters and see how their lives point towards Jesus - the most important…