Freedom Church Vision

A series of talks from January 2015 in which the vision for Freedom Church is set out.

Chris Clifton-Brown casts the renewed vision of Freedom Church, including exciting news about the direction we believe God is taking us going forwards.
[audio mp3=""][/audio] Chris Clifton-Brown introduces the vision for Freedom Church for 2018, focusing on 4 "Gs" that we want to be as a church: God-Centred Generous Growth-oriented Grace-filled
Chris Clifton-Brown launches 2017 with a fresh look at our Freedom Church Vision - as well as reminding us of God's overall plan for his Church.
The final part of our Vision - with Chris Butland explaining its final two outworkings - Loving Liverpool and Loving Nations
Part 3 of our vision series - with Chris Clifton-Brown focusing on the first two outworkings of the vision - Loving God, and Loving Others
Part two of our Vision series, with Matt Ashworth unpacking just what "Living Free, Bringing Freedom" means
Part One of our Freedom Church Vision. Chris Clifton-Brown tells us the background of Freedom Church Liverpool, and unveils our vision for the first time: "Living Free, Bringing Freedom"