The book of Ezra is the story of revival for a nation in ruins.
Its story begins in 538BC at the very end of the exile years in Babylon: Around about 70 years after the very first captives were taken by Babylon 605BC. Israel the nation does not currently exist.

Jerusalem was burnt to the ground following Zedekiah’s final foolish revolt 49 years earlier in 587BC and now lies in utter ruins.
There is simply no nation of God at this time. It is dead. It needs CPR, and this is
the story of how God stirred his people, and over the following 100 year period fulfilled his promise by the prophet Jeremiah/

Matt Ashworth brings our series on Ezra to a close. The passage covers the events of Ezra calling out the people of God for the sin of intermarrying with people…
In the 6th part of our series on Ezra, Chris Clifton-Brown examines the example set by Ezra in pursuing God for a lifetime - staying the course.

Introducing Ezra the Man

15th October 2017
More than half way through our series on the book of  Ezra, Chris Butland finally introduces us to the man himself - Ezra! Who was he, why was he chosen…
*Note: Apologies for the poor audio quality for most of this sermon - but please stick with it - it's an excellent message! Matt Ashworth looks at the prophecies of…
Chris Clifton-Brown continues our series on Ezra, looking at Chapter 4. He also takes a helpful detour into Nehemiah 4 - showing the contrast in how the people in these…
Chris Butland teaches on Ezra 3, where we see the Israelites starting to get to grips with life back in Jerusalem following their return from exile. However, things aren't quite…

Ezra 1-2

17th September 2017
Matt Ashworth starts our new series looking at the book of Ezra - a revival story for the nation of Israel.