Academy FAQs

It’s likely you’ll have lots of questions about Academy, as you consider whether you would like to apply to join the course. Below we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions, which will hopefully help you to make your decision.

Where will Academy be held?

We are delighted to be partnering with Long Lane Independent Methodist Church, 182 Mill Ln, Liverpool L15 8LJ, whose building we will be using for our Academy days. The venue has a small car-park plus free street parking all around.

Do I need to pay the entire course fees in one go?

Course fees should be paid up front in full prior to the first session of the year in January. However, we will consider allowing delegates to pay in installments in exceptional circumstances, by prior agreement.

What if I can only attend some of the sessions?

Joining Academy is a big commitment, but one that we believe is very much worth making. We strongly encourage students to join the course with the intention of attending all sessions, only missing them if circumstances arise beyond their control. A big reason for this is that Acadermy days are not just about listening to great teaching, but also learning with and from peers, building relationships and journeying with fellow students towards mature, Christian leadership. Missing sessions means missing out.

What are the timings for a day/evening at Academy?

Most Academy days will involve 4 sessions of teaching – usually around 40 minutes each, as well as time for discussion and reflection.

Friday nights at Academy will commence at 5.30pm and finish no later than 9.45pm. Saturdays will commence at 9am and finish no later than 4pm.

Are there any assignments or homework to do for Academy?

No – there are no formal assignments on Academy. Learning is solidified through reflective questions in discussion and prayer with fellow students. However, full notes for each session are provided, and students are very much encouraged to use these to take their understanding further, away from the Academy days themselves. Students are also able to download and re-watch any Academy teaching sessions online, once they have attended that session.

Is Academy an accredited course?

No, Academy is not accredited, although graduates will be presented with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Will you be feeding me at Academy?

On Friday evenings a full meal will be provided.

On Saturday mornings, breakfast pastries and fruit will be provided, but students will need to provide their own lunch. Packed lunches may be brought, but students will also have time to walk to the local Co-Op Food shop to purchase their own lunch.

Dietary requirements should be recorded on the application form to ensure we cater for students’ needs.

Can I do Academy if I’m not part of Freedom Church Liverpool or New Frontiers?

Yes! We’re really keen to see Academy used by anyone who might find it useful, and are excited about building links with other churches within the area.

How is the teaching presented?

Academy was founded in Wimbledon, London, where teaching is presented live in person. Teaching at Academy Satellite Bases such as ours uses video feeds of these original Wimbledon sessions. These are of excellent quality and will not detract from the teaching experience. In addition, Academy Liverpool will occasionally feature some live Q&A sessions with leaders and other key figures within Freedom Church and the wider New Ground family.