Our Vision

The vision for Freedom Church Liverpool is summed up in four simple words:

“Living Free, Bringing Freedom”

We are believers in Jesus Christ – therefore we believe Christ’s perfect life, death and resurrection has given us the power to live in freedom! We are learning to live the ‘life in abundance’ that Jesus promised in the Bible to those who put their trust in him. Lives full of meaning and hope, and free from sin and its consequences.

But the Bible also teaches us that we are to bring that freedom to others. So our vision is to help more and more people in the wonderful city of Liverpool to come to know the freedom which we are living in, by introducing them to Jesus Christ – God himself, alive today.

But how will we actually go about living free and bringing freedom in practice? For us, it’s about loving..

Freedom Vision

1. Loving God

2. Loving One Another

3. Loving Liverpool

4. Loving The Nations

To learn more about these four “loves”, why not click to read the PDF document attached at the link below:

Freedom Four Loves